6 Ways Neurofeedback Can Promote Better Learning

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“…my son seems to be responding amazingly well. He told me yesterday his Tutor was so proud of how quickly and how well he’s retaining information. This is HUGE for him. He’s struggled with that his whole life! I find he’s memorizing his vocab words much faster and he just seems happier than I’ve seen him in a long time!!! Thank you so much!!!!” – S.M., home system user after one month of training

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training assists in strengthening the learning experience of students at any level of their education. There are many exciting ways that neurofeedback training enhances learning capacity and boosts students’ confidence in a classroom or home setting. 

Sound like something you or your child may benefit from? Here are some ways that neurofeedback training can help.


For children to thrive academically, they need to be engaging with and soaking up the information provided during classes, readings, or lectures. The most vital skill to achieve this is their attention span. How can we possibly take in information if our minds are completely elsewhere? While many children and adults struggle with distracted thinking, overcoming this barrier to learning is important in order to succeed. 

Neurofeedback training can help improve focus and build brain resilience. This means that your child may maintain attention for longer periods of time, allowing them to absorb information more effectively. You’ll find that they may be able to sit through a reading or class and enjoy the experience, rather than focusing on what’s happening outside the window or what snack they feel like eating. Training typically leads to improved academic performance. 

Improved Sleep

The quality and quantity of sleep is a major determinant of how present a child will be in the classroom the following day. Unfortunately, our busy lives mean that sleep isn’t always prioritized. Inadequate sleep impedes cognitive functioning, leading to “zoning out” and allowing distractions to overwhelm us. Our brains need adequate rest time, otherwise they try to squeeze it in throughout the day by daydreaming or ‘zoning out.’

As neurofeedback training helps with sleep habits and management, your child is likely to feel more rested and refreshed throughout their learning day. Our clients report falling asleep easier, waking less during the night, and awakening more refreshed which indicates an overall improved quality of sleep. You may also choose to supplement this benefit by practicing a healthy night-time routine to help wind down after a long day, regular exercise, and limiting screen time at night. 


Students have to combat an array of distractions inside and outside the classroom that can disrupt their learning abilities. While simple tips such as removing phones and studying in a library may help, the bigger distractions are often internal. Our minds can bring up a variety of unproductive distractions while we are trying to focus on something important. 

Luckily, neurofeedback training works as an exercise for the brain to improve flexibility and resilience which in turn leads to improvements in mental acuity, making focusing and managing stressful interruptions much easier. This can help you or your child absorb information more effectively, focus better under pressure and perform better during an academic assessment.


Neurofeedback training can boost self-esteem by helping children and adults to become more certain, comfortable, and calm throughout the day. NeurOptimal® training helps with performance anxiety, freeing up mental energy to perform better on the task at hand whether it be in sports performance, academics or test taking.

Students typically experience improved levels of focus and memory recollection during tests. Furthermore, becoming increasingly attentive in the classroom will lead to feeling better prepared for academic events. Neurofeedback helps to strengthen and maintain optimal brain performance for continued success. Once students start to succeed academically, it is common to experience higher levels of confidence in both themselves and their capabilities.

Memory and Comprehension

A significant amount of our parent testimonials have indicated that their children’s comprehension and ability to perform under test conditions have greatly improved. A child’s reading comprehension should be matching their ability to read the words on the page. Without this vital skill, it is difficult to successfully answer exam questions or write adequate assignments.

While studying and memorizing information for exams may usually be an overwhelming or stressful experience for your child, neurofeedback can help this process be more efficient and less daunting. By enhancing focus and attention levels, information can be absorbed and recalled more effectively. Our neurofeedback training has helped both children and adults improve their reading comprehension, fluency, and recall. 


There are plenty of benefits to our training that can support your child to feel happier in their learning journey. While other measures to improve your child’s education may feel combative or as though they are being punished for their failures, neurofeedback is an effortless and calm experience. Children are encouraged to relax during their training; they are able to play or read throughout their enjoyable session. Training contributes to overall wellness by promoting relaxation and assisting with anxiety and stress management.

You are also likely to find that improved academic performance instils children with a sense of self confidence, relieving them from academic performance worries. Falling behind their peers in school can be a major emotional blow to students. By helping them to reach their potential, children may enjoy their educational experience more and have a happier daily life. By becoming calmer and more refreshed after consistent training, your child’s wellness and educational experience can flourish. 

How NeurOptimal® Training Can Help You

Many academic programs are designed to “re-wire” the brain through exhausting exercises and repetition. This can seem tedious and futile, furthering your child away from their academic goals. On the contrary, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training is enjoyable, effortless, risk-free, and non-invasive to boost you or your child’s learning capabilities. It can be used as a tool for stress-management and self-optimization to reach the best version of yourself. 

Let us help you with any educational challenges you may be facing. When a parent and child train together, NeurOptimal works not only as a tool for self-improvement, but also as a bonding journey between parent and child. Read our testimonials to see the many ways that NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training has improved lives. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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