Harness Your Child’s Focus With NeurOptimal®

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“I got compliments from a lady at church who noticed a difference in [my son].   She used to sit next to him during children’s church to remind him to pay attention or due to behavior issues.  So she moved on to other kids because he didn’t seem to need her assistance anymore.” – D.C., Houston, TX

A focused and clear mind is essential for the development of successful learning, life, and social skills. A strong attention span can help to make school or work tasks much easier and assist with information processing.

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training can assist your child with attention difficulties by strengthening mental acuity and resilience. Parents may also choose to train alongside their child to enhance their own concentration at work, improve overall wellness, and manage stress.

Here’s how NeurOptimal® training can help to harness your child’s ability to focus.

Reduces ‘Zoning-Out’ 

Your child’s capacity to maintain attention in the classroom depends on their response to distractions and interruptive thoughts. 

Neurofeedback training enhances learning capacity by improving focus and brain fitness. This allows them to become more present as students, listening more attentively, taking instructions and not allowing simple distractions to hinder their learning.

When children become anxious or stressed, day-dreaming or zoning-out can occur more frequently. This separates their minds from the classroom and impedes on their information absorption. NeurOptimal® training can help combat this by allowing you or your child to better cope with stressors and distractions. We regularly have feedback that individuals are having more good days than bad and can manage performance and daily anxiety.

Helps With Attention Difficulties

School can be extra difficult for your child if they suffer from behavior challenges. A common behavior issue is ADHD, with symptoms that include inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. This has negative impacts on controlling impulses and the ability to hold attention. Neurofeedback training can help by working with your child’s brain and improving their cognitive abilities, rather than fighting or masking symptoms.

NeurOptimal® is not a treatment for ADHD or any other learning disability or condition, it is a tool for relaxation, stress management and self-optimization. While we make no claims of “treating” any “disorder,” we can say that NeurOptimal® training is enjoyable, effortless, relaxing, non-invasive, and carries no risk. 

Children with any type of learning difference often experience stress and lack of self-confidence at school when they feel like they are different. NeurOptimal® training can help kids feel calmer in otherwise stressful and challenging environments, allowing them to perform at their best and to benefit more fully from interventions offered.

Improves Focus

When children aren’t able to effectively focus, academic work becomes more difficult and their response to a learning environment can turn negative. For your child to flourish in their schooling, they need to be engaging with the informational material provided in the classroom or readings. 

Neurofeedback training exercises the brain to maintain concentration, focus better, improve learning capacity, and manage performance anxiety. Consistent training helps the mind dismiss unwanted distractions and focus on the task at hand. This benefit usually results in better overall academic performance, leading to stronger confidence and self-esteem. 

Being able to focus more efficiently also helps students manage stress. These two factors mutually complement each other, as a calm child can better focus on the present task. As your child goes into an exam or approaches an assignment with a calmer demeanor, they will be able to concentrate mindfully on the learning material.

Strengthens Brain Resilience 

Many students struggle with distracting thoughts, and overcoming this barrier to learning is important for academic success. 

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training works as exercise for the brain, building flexibility and resilience. As the brain becomes more resilient and flexible, your child should be able to maintain their attention for longer periods of time. Consistent neurofeedback training promotes stronger academic performance by helping children to dismiss harmful distractions. 

Reduces Stress 

Neurofeedback training should be used to promote healthy habits and stress management. As your child becomes more attentive in the classroom, they should begin to feel more comfortable and confident in their abilities. This can come as a major relief to both the child and the parent. NeurOptimal® training works to boost your child’s confidence, reducing daily stress stemming from academic anxiety. 

Promotes Better Sleep 

Proper quality and quantity of sleep are imperative for children to hold focus and cognitive functioning throughout their learning day. While simple measures such as a healthy night-time routine to wind down may help, neurofeedback training can strongly improve sleep management. 

We regularly get reports that individuals training with NeurOptimal® are feeling more refreshed, present, and clear throughout the day. This is because our training can help you fall asleep easier and wake less throughout the night, boosting your overall quality of sleep. 

If you are not getting enough rest during the night, your brain tries to compensate by ‘zoning out’ throughout the day. Children are much more likely to have a successful learning day after experiencing the powerful benefits of quality sleep, with the help of consistent neurofeedback training. 

How NeurOptimal® Can Help Your Child

NeurOptimal® brain training allows your child’s brain to improve its functioning by simply providing real-time feedback about its behavior. Much like a mirror, NeurOptimal® does not cause changes to happen; it merely reflects what is happening, allowing the brain and central nervous system to use the information in a way that is best for each individual. 

Children with attention issues often experience stress and lack of self-confidence at school when they feel like they are different. NeurOptimal® training can help kids feel calmer in otherwise stressful and challenging environments, allowing them to perform at their best and benefit more fully from interventions offered. 

NeurOptimal® training is enjoyable, effortless, relaxing, non-invasive, and carries no risk. Call us to discuss how we can help your child’s learning capacity by improving their ability to focus. 

“Ok, I am definitely seeing results with [my son]. Homework was a breeze tonight – what a pleasure!” – D.M.

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