Attention Difficulties

Can NeurOptimal® Training Help People with Attention Difficulties?

According to a 2014 worldwide trainer survey, 84% of users reported a greater than 40% improvement in school performance after 20-30 sessions.

 NeurOptimal® brain training allows each brain to improve its own functioning by simply providing real time feedback about its behavior. Much like a mirror, NeurOptimal® does not cause changes to happen, it merely reflects what is happening, thus allowing the brain and central nervous system to use the information in a way that is best for each individual. 

Because NeurOptimal® is used for holistic brain fitness purposes and not a targeted treatment, and because people tend to be unique and complex  beings – each individual typically has a variety of concerns, we can not predict the outcomes of training for any individual and we make no claims of “treating” any “disorder” We can say that NeurOptimal® training is enjoyable, effortless, relaxing, non invasive and carries no risk.

NeurOptimal® is not a treatment for ADHD or any other learning disability or condition, it is a tool for relaxation, stress management and self-optimization. Children with any type of learning difference often experience stress and lack of self confidence at school when they feel like they are different. NeurOptimal® training can help kids to feel more calm in otherwise stressful and challenging environments, allowing them to perform at their best and to benefit more fully from interventions offered.

Parenting and/or teaching a child who is experiencing difficulties can be extremely stressful, training with NeurOptimal® can help parents and teachers to relax and handle these challenges in more calm and effective ways. In our offices, we train parents alongside their children at no additional cost. We have found that when a parent trains, the child tends to make faster gains. Children love it when their parents train with them and parents also enjoy the training.

NeurOptimal® has been used worldwide for over 17 years and well over 3 million training hours.

See below for some recent testimonials which will give you an idea of what types of shifts people report.

Testimonials (Children)

“…my son seems to be responding amazingly well. He told me yesterday his Tutor was so proud of how quickly and how well he’s retaining information. This is HUGE for him. He’s struggled with that his whole life! I find he’s memorizing his vocab words much faster and he just seems happier than I’ve seen him in a long time!!! Thank you so much!!!!”

S.M. Home system user after one month

””At my son’s ARD meeting a couple of weeks ago his teachers were amazed at the extent of maturing since last spring. At school he has much better self-control. His behavior was really getting in the way of his learning last year, they thought they would need a BIP (behavioral intervention plan) but they hadn’t even noted behavior problems this year. The only thing that has changed since spring is that we trained with the rental unit over the summer”

Mother of 13 year old son dxd with HF Autism

“My son receives neurofeedback. It has allowed him to self- regulate, to be more in control of his emotions and reactions. And for a five year old with autism, that’s nothing short of a miracle!”


“I got compliments from a lady at church who noticed a difference in [my son].   She used to sit next to him during children’s church to remind him to pay attention or due to behavior issues.  So she moved on to other kids because he didn’t seem to need her assistance anymore.”

Diana C. Houston, TX

“My oldest son, a high schooler, thinks of neurofeedback as his reset button. He starts the week fresh and focused, and more importantly calm. For him the life of being a teenage student, son, and sibling to two children with autism, all is as it will be. The world is manageable, feelings can be talked about, no more [pain due to tension] he says. His video games are less important by his own choice and homework we are actually almost dare I say it?…Ahead!”

“My daughter is actually taking care with her homework and reviewing it now to correct her own mistakes before handing it to me, before she would just rush through it and not care and it would be full of errors”

Beth P, Fort Worth

“My son receives neurofeedback. It has allowed him to self- regulate, to be more in control of his emotions and reactions. And for a five year old with autism, that’s nothing short of a miracle!”

K. S.

“Ok, I am definitely seeing results with [my son]. Homework was a breeze tonight – what a pleasure!” 

D.M., Frisco

“He (my son) isn’t getting in trouble at school since he started training”

Anon, Fort Worth

Testimonials (Adult)

“I would highly recommend this training to people who want to improve overall cognitive performance. I started the doing the trainings three times a week for the first 2 weeks. Here is my breakdown: 

Week 1: [woke up more refreshed] no noticeable improvement of memory for cognitive performance.

Week 2: [woke up DRASTICALLY more refreshed], noticeable change in memory and ability manage tasks that would’ve felt like too much prior to training.

Week 3: ability to handle work increased with moderate or low feeling of overwhelmingness switched to 2 trainings a week

Week 4: improvements continued.. waking up feeling fully rested. I feel like now switching to a training a month. I feel like I’ve maintained a very positive mindset, which made me want to do the work and it doesn’t feel like work.”

“I was having restlessness during the night, my mind was always racing, and I was sometimes losing my train of thought and one night (when I couldn’t sleep) I decided to see if there was anything I could do about it. I was already somewhat aware of the potential power of neurofeedback but I thought it was a little “weird” and I didnt know whether it would work (or how I would explain it to my family) but even so I decided I would try it out anyway and see what would happen.

I actually went to another office before I found Nikki at Serenity Neurofeedback, and I’m actually glad I went to the other office because my first session with Nikki was a breath of fresh air because her approach is so simple and straightforward since once you get there she takes over and you hardly have to DO anything at all which is much easier and less frustrating than the sessions offered by the other office (note: I don’t mean to disparage the other office because I’m sure their approach also works very well, its just that Nikki’s is so much SIMPLER).

So anyway now that I have been through 10 sessions I have found two of the symptoms virtually GONE and the other one dramatically lessened: I’m rarely restless at night (seriously nearly gone), I rarely lose my train of thought (nearly gone), and my mind isn’t racing (much).

So to anyone who is thinking about doing this, Nikki is the best choice because she will talk you through any questions you have,  so I must recommend just going in and starting with a set of 10 sessions for yourself and seeing what kind of awesome changes occur in your life! Give her a call!
– P.S. And to top it all off I am now able to rap really quickly (FUN SIDE EFFECT!)” – John McGarey

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