Behavior Issues

“At my son’s ARD meeting a couple of weeks ago his teachers were amazed at the extent of maturing since last spring. At school he has much better self-control. His behavior was really getting in the way of his learning last year, they thought they would need a BIP (behavioral intervention plan) but they hadn’t even noted behavior problems this year. The only thing that has changed since spring is that we trained with the rental unit over the summer” – Mother of 13 year old son diagnosed with HF Autism​

NeurOptimal® brain training helps each brain to improve its own functioning by simply providing real time feedback about its behavior. Much like a mirror, NeurOptimal® does not cause changes to happen; it merely reflects what is happening, thus allowing the brain and central nervous system to improve in a way that is best for each individual.


Because NeurOptimal® is used for stress management and holistic brain fitness purposes and is not a targeted treatment, and because people tend to be unique and complex beings (each individual typically has a variety of concerns), we can not predict the outcomes of training for any individual and we make no claims of “treating” any “disorder”. We can say that NeurOptimal® training is enjoyable, effortless, relaxing, non-invasive and carries no risk.  


Most of our clients are direct referrals. In one case for example, the changes in one child were so swift and so significant that everyone that regularly interacted with this child had to ask his mother what she had done. Within a very short timespan, I received 6 new clients based on their own observation of the improvements in this one child. NeurOptimal® has been used worldwide for over 20 years and well over 3 million training hours. 

Can NeurOptimal® Help People On The Autism Spectrum? 

“This seems to be having an effect on me, last night I did something I never would have done before I went out to a haunted house with friends… And I enjoyed it!” 19 year old dxd with ASD – Mom had said she was worried about him because he had no friends and was too fearful to go out, she was blown away by this transformation in 4 sessions

“My son receives neurofeedback. It has allowed him to self- regulate, to be more in control of his  emotions and reactions. And for a five year old with autism, that’s nothing short of a miracle!”


“Neurofeedback has been a gift. My client for years had issues with outbursts, tantrums and self-harming behaviors. These behaviors have completely subsided. I now see a young man who is more redirect able, and he is learning more quickly. Overall, B. is more confident and happy today and the neurofeedback has been a huge contributing factor to this change.”


“Neurofeedback has changed my life. I can cope throughout the day without having breakdowns. I no longer cry all day. I am happy, I love life and I would not be here today without neurofeedback. I feel it has saved me.”


“Neurofeedback has helped my son so much since starting. He suffered a TBI and I’ve seen increase in his speech and a tremendous change with improvement in potty training! So awesome! Such a blessing!”

“…the other thing that I am doing is getting her counseling again for some of her issues (divorce, past bullying etc.) because now she can tell me why she is angry. Before the nfb she was angry all the time and no one knew why and she couldn’t tell us why that’s why anger management and therapy was a waste of time. The nfb has also allowed her to recognize some of her triggers (stress, over stimulation etc.) and sometimes she tells me when this is happening and I can intervene and help her come up with suitable solutions instead of being angry.”

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“He (my son) has a better flow of conversation and seems more “connected”…he is better able to “push” through exercises when before he would just quit.” 13 year old with Autism

“Neurofeedback has changed my life. I can cope throughout the day without having breakdowns. I no longer cry all day. I am happy, I love life and I would not be here today without neurofeedback. I feel it has saved me.”

H. N.

“Neurofeedback has helped my son tremendously. I noticed he is much calmer, and his comprehension at school has improved 500%.”

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