Watch Our Partners at Dorna Centre Run their First NeurOptimal Session on a Student!

Watch as Jeffrey, a staff member at Dorna Centre Home for Autism in Uganda, runs the first NeurOptimal neurofeedback session on a student, Humphrey!

Serenity Neurofeedback has partnered with Dorna Centre to provide sessions for the staff and kids at the home. They plan to run 30 sessions on each student this semester.

For more information about our mission, their program, and the benefits of neurofeedback, please take a look at our other blog posts, Transforming Lives for Children with Autism, Why Partner with Dorna Centre in Uganda, and Introducing the Students at Dorna Centre for Autism.

If you would like to help us support these children by assisting with room, board and tuition, please join us in making a contribution at or

Introducing the Students at Dorna Centre for Autism

Meet the kids at Dorna Centre! Serenity Neurofeedback has partnered with Dorna Centre to provide sessions for the staff and kids at the home. They’re excited to get started and plan to run 30 sessions on each student this semester!

For more information about our mission, their program, and the benefits of neurofeedback, please take a look at our other blog posts, Transforming Lives for Children with Autism and Why Partner with Dorna Centre in Uganda, and Watch Our Partners at Dorna Centre Run their First NeurOptimal Session on a Student.

If you would like to help us support these children by assisting with room, board and tuition, please join us in making a contribution at or

Why Partner with Dorna Centre in Uganda?

Why Partner with Dorna Centre in Uganda?

Our Mission

I became a neurofeedback provider over seven years ago for the same reason as most others who choose this profession: I wanted to help people. I saw the great potential of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback to improve lives and reduce suffering. Serenity Neurofeedback was founded for the purpose of raising awareness of the benefits of neurofeedback and making it accessible and affordable to all who wish to use it. I have worked tirelessly over the years to achieve these goals, reinvesting business profits into community outreach, research, and affordable training opportunities.


To date, Serenity Neurofeedback has conducted one in depth case study and one year long double blind pilot study of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback for stress and burnout in the workplace. We have provided over 600 hours of community walk in training ($25 sessions and free sessions for military, veterans and first responders), over 20 free presentations at universities, conferences and community groups, and we provide worldwide outreach through our Facebook forum and YouTube channel. Over 47 trainers have become certified via our live NeurOptimal® neurofeedback classes, and we have helped launch and support businesses for countless new neurofeedback trainers.


For the last two years, I have been attending monthly behavioral health meetings to support first responders because we all know this is one group that could really benefit from the stress resilience that comes with NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training. I have done my best at these meetings to explain why and how NeurOptimal neurofeedback should be made available to first responders, not as a patch for PTSD, depression, insomnia, anxiety, anger or other problems after they emerge but rather as a proactive tool for building stress resilience as a coat of armor to help protect these heroes from the inevitable pressures and tolls that come with their profession. For two years, I have attended these meetings and explained what NeurOptimal® neurofeedback could do for these men and women. I thought perhaps with repeated exposure, one day it would click. I offered my services for free and even offered to collect data to show results of a program for a large municipal department. I received no response to my offer. I was feeling defeated; it’s hard to listen to the stories of suffering and the same plans for addressing the problems after they emerge all the while knowing of such a powerful tool for preventing or reducing such suffering from reaching critical mass in the first place. I could not understand why I was asked to join this group if there was no real interest in what I was offering. I felt selfish giving up, yet I felt like I was wasting my time continuing to attend these meetings. I decided to pray about it. I asked God to make his will in my life clear, to use me for his purpose and let me put my ego and my own will aside. I prayed that God would put me where I could really help people, people who were ready and wanting such help.

A Calling

The next week I received contact from two individuals inquiring about neurofeedback: one in Uganda and one in Kenya. I didn’t think much about it as I speak to hundreds of people worldwide about neurofeedback weekly. But then something interesting happened: I had a curiosity to reach out to these two people and learn more about neurofeedback in their countries. I looked at the website for the Dorna Centre Home for Autism in Uganda and my heart melted. To learn about the reality for these children and their mothers in that country broke my heart, and to see the genuine passion and heroic efforts by the school’s director, Ms. Dorothy Nambi, on behalf of these children inspired me. Here was someone with a heart of gold who wanted to find a way to bring neurofeedback in to help her students and here I had been trying to give it away to people who weren’t ready to receive it. It became clear to me what I needed to do so I reached out to Dorothy with a proposition of a loaner system and instruction / support for her and her staff for a pilot program for the students at her school. I would provide equipment and supplies and they would administer the sessions and collect and share data, pictures and reports of observations. It was clear to me from my first interaction with Dorothy that she is a woman of God and is called to do this work to improve the quality of life for children with autism in Uganda and I am very proud, honored and humbled to have been given the opportunity to partner with her in her mission as her sister in Christ. This experience has been a blessing beyond measure for me as every picture, every video of these children, every comment I receive just makes my heart burst with joy. I look forward to news of program progress and I thank God that I was put in a position of being able to help when the opportunity presented itself. I asked Dorothy if she could take a publicity photo of one child training for me in a company t-shirt that I could share on my website. Dorothy suggested that all of the children and staff would be more than happy to receive branded t-shirts…I don’t know if she anticipated how much seeing all of these beautiful children wearing my company t-shirts would impact me but I now feel a connection to these kiddos that I can’t even describe. I am totally invested in seeing these kids thrive, in helping them to be the best versions of themselves. I know how much NeurOptimal helped my loved one on the autism spectrum with self-confidence, anxiety, sleep and so much more, and I can’t wait to see how it helps these boys and girls.

If you would like to help us support these children by assisting with room, board and tuition, please join us in making a contribution at or

Transforming Lives for Children with Autism in Uganda

Transforming Lives for Children with Autism in Uganda

7 Children at the Dorna Centre Home for Autism in Kampala, Uganda (Daniel L., Leone M., Elijah M., Jacob M., Justice A., Elijah K., and Robert A.) are in need of sponsorships for the spring semester.

What if we lived in a culture where people called autistic children “mad”? In a recent feature on autism by BBC News | Africa, a parent explains, “There are all sorts of beliefs that somebody sinned, somebody was cursed or somebody was bewitched.”

Because of the societal shame for parents, many even keep their children from the medical care that they need. In 2018 the mayor of the Kampala region went on Urban TV Uganda with this message: “Should we catch you keeping a person with a disability behind the curtain, we are going to arrest you.”

This is what the Dorna Centre Home for Autism in Kampala, Uganda faces—and works to overcome. Their motto is “Out of the Hidden World: Awareness, Action, Acceptance, Inclusion, Appreciation.” Veronica Nyakato, a medical doctor, who is involved with the Centre says, “We have seen couples where, if the mother has a child with autism, the husband abandons—because they think it is due to witchcraft. They think it is a problem of the mother.”

In fact, the majority of parents who come to Dorna Centre are single mothers, left by husbands who believed the child’s disability was a bad omen representing some kind of punishment for the mother. At the Centre, which operates as a day and weekly boarding school, autistic children can find the special education they need to take care of themselves, get a job, and be a part of a community. Dorothy Nambi, the founder and director of Dorna Center says,

“At Dorna Centre we train them to survive on their own. We receive children who can’t help themselves, for example with bathing. You find a 16-year-old boy who doesn’t know how to bathe himself. But what we do at Dorna Centre is train. We say Dorna Centre is another life.”

A recent visitor to the Centre wrote,

“The children are loved and warmly cared for by Dorothy and her staff. She loves to help them and I loved visiting. They do wonderful work on a low budget.”

Another visitor to the Centre says, “You feel a sense of wellness being with them. May God bless many more people to reach out to the children and make them whole.”

The cost of therapy, daycare, and two meals at the Dorna Centre is $5 per day. Yet even at this highly discounted rate, Dorothy reports:

“Most children’s families cannot afford this and do not bring their children back to The Centre. This is one of the biggest problems facing Dorna Centre.”

Because of the poverty of the abandoned single mothers, they must prioritize basic needs for the entire family over specialized education and care for their autistic children.

No amount is too small – again just $5 will cover special instruction and two meals for a day for one child. $335 will cover full tuition and meals for one child for a semester. This semester, there are seven children who are in need of sponsorships in order to continue to be provided with the therapy, education, meals, and care they need. All donors will receive an update and pictures of the children that their donations have helped directly.

Each gift helps the two biggest problems that face autistic children in Uganda. These children won’t receive the care that they need because of poverty unless there is this financial help. Each gift also sends a vitally needed message. As Dorothy says, “the importance of caring and loving for every single child, autistic or not, will resound because of your heart in giving.”

There is a GoFundMe link for this campaign for donations and to help spread the word:

The Dorna Centre is a registered non-profit and can accept donations directly via PayPal on their site:

I learned about this need from my friend Nikki Sopchak who is a NeurOptimal® dynamical neurofeedback trainer. Thanks to Nikki and Serenity Neurofeedback, the children at the Dorna Centre will each have 30 dynamical neurofeedback sessions with a pro bono NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system.

NeurOptimal® has been used worldwide for over 20 years and well over 4 million training hours. This kind of neurofeedback—that is, dynamical neurofeedback—helps each brain to improve its own functioning by simply providing real time feedback about its behavior. Much like a mirror, NeurOptimal® does not cause changes to happen; it merely reflects what is happening, thus allowing the brain and central nervous system to improve in a way that is best for each individual. NeurOptimal® training is enjoyable, effortless, relaxing, non-invasive and carries no risk.

NeurOptimal® is used for stress management and holistic brain fitness purposes and is not a targeted treatment. Below are some testimonials of just how much this training can help children with behavioral issues:

“At my son’s ARD meeting a couple of weeks ago his teachers were amazed at the extent of maturing since last spring. At school he has much better self-control. His behavior was really getting in the way of his learning last year, they thought they would need a BIP (behavioral intervention plan) but they hadn’t even noted behavior problems this year. The only thing that has changed since spring is that we trained with the rental unit over the summer” – Mother of 13 year old son diagnosed with HF Autism

“This seems to be having an effect on me, last night I did something I never would have done before I went out to a haunted house with friends… And I enjoyed it!” 19 year old dxd with ASD – Mom had said she was worried about him because he had no friends and was too fearful to go out, she was blown away by this transformation in 4 sessions

“Neurofeedback has been a gift. My client for years had issues with outbursts, tantrums and self-harming behaviors. These behaviors have completely subsided. I now see a young man who is more redirect able, and he is learning more quickly. Overall, B. is more confident and happy today and the neurofeedback has been a huge contributing factor to this change.”

“He (my son) has a better flow of conversation and seems more “connected”…he is better able to “push” through exercises when before he would just quit.” 13 year old with Autism

“A non-verbal three-year-old boy started talking after approximately seventeen sessions. As is often typical with kids on the autistic spectrum he was also very much in his own world and didn’t show much interest in others. During his time using NeurOptimal, he started coming out of his shell and began noticing and interacting with others around him.” —NeurOptimal® Trainer Survey 2014

“I have a 6-year-old boy with autism, that didn’t speak. After the first 10 min (the first session) he started to speak more and more efficiently. After 17 sessions he focused his eyes, and his doctor was very impressed.” —NeurOptimal® Trainer Survey 2014

Because the children at the Dorna Centre are receiving free neurofeedback sessions this semester, it is an even greater loss if they cannot find the sponsorships they need to get through the spring. I know how I have personally benefited greatly from NeurOptimal training. This is yet another reason why I wanted to take action and reach out to as many as I could about this opportunity to truly make a lasting difference in the lives of these seven children.

Join us in making a contribution at or

I felt called to share this cause because I believe we also receive so much even as we give to the autistic children of Kampala.

Thank you!

Mackenzie Hawkins, Guest Blogger

P.S. – Please share with others who may be touched by this article — and how it gives a perspective that we can lose sight of. We have come so far in terms of our societal prejudices about disabilities in the U.S. and we have so far to go. But by lending this helping hand to others in Africa, maybe we can further see how much we can appreciate each differently-abled child without the prejudices of shame, blame, and fear.