Buy a NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback System

What's included
  • State-of-the-art fully configured NeurOptimal® Windows 10 Personal Trainer System
  • Loaded with 100 Sessions (additional sessions may be purchased)
  • One Year of Antivirus Protection
  • 1 zAmp
  • 128 GB Micro SD Card
  • 1 Set of Solid Silver Sensors
  • Stylus and Spare Battery
  • 1 Set of Earbuds
  • Tablet Stand
  • Carrying / Protective Sleeve
  • ​SP Protective Case
  • 2 USB Cables
  • Conductive Ten20 Paste

Shipping charges are included for continental US and Canada.

What's included
  • State-of-the-art fully configured NeurOptimal® Windows 10 Professional Training System
  • Unlimited sessions
  • 1 Year of Antivirus Protection
  • 1 External 21.5″ Full 1080p LCD Monitor (additional $150.00)
  • 1 zAmp
  • ​128 GB Micro SD Card
  • 2 Sets of Solid Silver Sensors
  • 2 Sets of Earbuds and 12ft extension cable
  • ​Microsoft Type Cover Keyboard (Surface Pro only)
  • Stylus and Spare Battery 
  • Carrying / Protective Sleeve
  • ​SP Protective Case (Surface Pro only)
  • HDMI Cable + Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter
  • 2 USB Cables
  • Conductive Ten20 Paste
  • Getting Started Manual
  • 6 Month PASS Preview

Shipping charges are included for continental US and Canada.

What's included
  • 1 Professional NeurOptimal® System Bundle with unlimited license
  • Up to 4 Additional NeurOptimal® System Bundles – your choice of Professional or Personal systems
  • 3 Additional Sensors Set and Paste – Value of $400
  • ​6 Free Months of PASS Enterprise – Value of $1000
  • 2 Online Course Registrations of Your Choice​ – Value of up to $1320
  • ​NeurOptimal® 100 Brochure Pack – Value of $59
  • 100 Free Additional Sessions on Each Personal Bundle – Value of $1000
  • Special Financing Programs – Starting at 0% interest

The NeurOptimal® Business Start-Up Bundle is a true out-of-the-box solution for all your equipment and educational needs as you build your NeurOptimal® practice. This offer includes one (1) Professional Tablet Bundle, perfect for the office or place of work, as well as up to 4 additional systems of your choice.

Customize your bundle to meet your needs! 

Shipping charges are included for continental US and Canada.

Ready to Buy?

I am here to help before, during and after your purchase! Call or text me, Nikki Sopchak, now for assistance: 817-946-2703.

I am passionate about helping other get started with this incredible technology. In addition to hundreds of happy home users, I am proud to have helped dozens of people embark on business ventures as trainers. I am always happy to talk to future professional or home users and I will help expedite your ordering process.

As your representative, I will answer any questions you have prior to purchasing and I will even stay on the phone with you through the whole check out process to help with any questions that come up. I will then provide follow-up customer service including walking you through basic operations to get started, help with orienting you to the benefits available with your complimentary PASS or PASS preview membership and help you get involved with the international trainer community.

Questions? I’m here to help!


    “Nikki is by far one of the nicest and most helpful people I have dealt with. When I decided to get into the neurofeedback field for my family’s sake, I came across Nikki and we started emailing back and forth. She has been very helpful and patient with the hundred or so questions I have had for her. Even after purchasing my system, Nikki still makes a priority to help me if I ever am in need of advice or have questions. It is a real honor to be part of a community where the representatives truly care about your well being. I can’t recommend Nikki and Serenity Neurofeedback enough!”

    Tyler Powell

    ‘”Nikki’s professional and personal support are what made purchasing my NeurOptimal machine possible. She has guided me through the in’s and out’s of the Zengar business structure, offered business advice, brainstormed with me on potential client markets and has supported the campaign through a variety of methods. She has also helped me to shape my view of my future business in ways that have been imperative to its operational success. I am deeply grateful for the help offered to me by Nikki. She is a phenomenal representative and human being. I look forward to sharing a neurofeedback community with her!”

    Jennifer O'Neill: Women's Rights Advocate, Public Speaker, Trauma Specialist and Survivor

    “…Nikki is highly competent, kind, easy to communicate with and occupies a strong personal and professional background in Neurofeedback. She can therefore offer top-notch support to those breaking into the Neurofeedback technology world. We had many phone calls, facebook interactions and emails to take care of every detail and concern before I purchased. I felt very well cared for as her client.” 

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