Peak Performance

Whatever your sport is, NeurOptimal® Training can help you up your game. So much of sports is mental; it’s not surprising to learn that many top athletes are using NeurOptimal® to improve their personal records. Calm clarity and focus, coupled with faster reaction times and better coordination, lead to a competitive edge in any sport.

“NeurOptimal® took away my extra muscle tension, which allowed me to swing better…NeurOptimal® also cleared my mind, which helped in decision-making.  There is a lot of potential in this for any golfer of any ability.” – Scott Hawley, Canadian PGA Professional 


“After three months my handicap dropped from 18 to 8 and today it’s 12. Well worth the investment and the continued sessions.” – Allen golfer

” I was able to add 15 pounds to my Personal Record (PR). It’s considered ‘normal’ to add 5 lbs to a PR, but I added 15 lbs…The results of our neurofeedback training strategy were multiple. I competed free of performance anxiety, slept great across all days of the competition, felt a serene ability to focus on my workouts while able to stay calm and maintain my physical training plan, and for 3 days of grueling workouts felt completely fresh each day.” – Steven G. Hamming, 2014 World Crossfit Champion

Valdeane Brown played golf for the first time at the age of 53. He reduced his handicap from 17 to an astonishing 10 (Hcp Index of 8.6) just in the period of a single season.

“Prior to brain training I suffered with severe performance anxiety. As a competitive athlete, at times it was debilitating and held me back from doing my best.” – Eleni


“I am definitely a big fan…The most important shifts I noticed happened within the first two months that I have been using the system. I noticed increased focus and concentration. Not only during our races and training, but also in my everyday life.” – Dutch Olympic Rower Govert Viergever

NeurOptimal® training and hard work helps athletes set new personal records

Legendary Tae Bo Fitness Trainer, Billy Blanks enjoying a NeurOptimal session in Palm Springs, CA. Courtesy of Angela at Mind Balance

Will Satch – Team GB Rower and Rio Olympic Games Gold Medalist. Will chose Optimal Feedback (UK) as he was looking for more focus and attention to help him stay in the zone. Courtesy of Carl Parnell

”In only 4 sessions, I have beat my personal training record by 2 minutes. I ran a 5K, hit a new PR, won the race in my age group and had my FIRST negative split!! NeurOptimal® has knocked down walls in my training that I didn’t even know were there”. Nikki Sparkman of Jones, Oklahoma is her trainer 

Champion Josh Brueckner MMA enjoying a NeurOptimal® neurofeedback session before a big fight the next day – Courtesy of Inception-Farmington Hills.

Thanks to NeurOptimal® I exceeded my finish time at the Ironman 70.3 Oceanside.” – Brian J. Ca

Gold medalist Ms. Nur Syahidah prepares for her upcoming event by training with NeurOptimal®

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