Finding Balance with Neurofeedback

Did you know that you can help your four legged friends find balance with neurofeedback training? – NeurOptimal® has been used to help pets manage stress reducing fear, anger and nervousness.

Last year we adopted a precious 6 year old border collie who we soon discovered was terrified of thunder, loud noises and car rides. 

Whenever we watched TV, Sadie would go hide due to the bass sounds. During storms she would go to a corner, shake like a leaf, drool and become catatonic -totally non-responsive. In Texas, thunderstorms are a pretty regular occurrence often lasting for hours. I hated to see Sadie like that. I had seen some Facebook posts from a fellow trainer in MO who was helping nervous and fearful shelter dogs with neurofeedback, and I thought “what the heck; it can’t hurt to try it”.

Sadie gives NeurOptimal® two paws up 🙂

I brought a system home from work one weekend and set it up by Sadie’s bed using speakers instead of the earbuds. I cut up a small piece of bacon into tiny crumbs (we never give Sadie table scraps, so this was a rare treat). I gave Sadie a bacon crumb for each sensor she allowed me to place on her and once they were all on, I hit the “go” button. I sat with Sadie prepared to placate her with lots of pets and bacon crumbs. I was hoping to keep her still and keep the sensors on for just a little while in order to get some benefit from the training. It was so much easier than I expected and like many people do, Sadie drifted off during the session. She easily completed a whole session and she seemed to really enjoy it!   

A few days after her session we had a small thunder storm and while she went to the corner, she was not shaking or catatonic and she did not drool at all. She was responsive and even rolled over inviting me to rub her belly. This was in February, now it’s June and  we have just about finished storm season here. Sadie has held up like a champ. She still doesn’t care for storms but she weathers them much better. What an amazing difference after just one session!

If you are interested in NeurOptimal® training for your own nervous or fearful pet, contact us about purchasing or renting a NeurOptimal® system (we do not offer in office sessions for animals at this time).

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