Neurofeedback Training For Behavior Issues

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“At my son’s ARD meeting a couple of weeks ago his teachers were amazed at the extent of maturing since last spring. At school, he has much better self-control. His behavior was really getting in the way of his learning last year, they thought they would need a BIP (behavioral intervention plan) but they hadn’t even noted behavior problems this year. The only thing that has changed since spring is that we trained with the rental unit over the summer.” – Mother of a 13-year-old son diagnosed with autism.

When a child struggles with behavior challenges, it can cause a lot of stress for both the child and the entire family unit. Parents want the best for their children and are always supporting them to reach their best potential. Neurofeedback training can help you and your child to self-optimize and become more resilient.

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training can improve your child’s mental acuity, boost focus, and help your child manage stress. This leads to improved self-esteem and the ability to cope with challenges more effectively. 

Here are some of the ways that neurofeedback training can assist with various behavior challenges: 

Improves Attention and Focus 

If you or your child suffer from behavior issues, school or work can be difficult to efficiently manage. Unproductive behavioral responses can hinder our focus as unwanted distractions crowd our minds. This means that certain academic or work tasks can become more difficult and our responses to the environment around us can turn negative. 

Neurofeedback training empowers the brain to function in a more focused and calm manner. Stronger, maintained attention can work wonders for behavior, confidence, and academic performance. When we are able to focus better, our learning capacity and ability to manage stress improves significantly. When we can maintain focus more effectively, negative behavioral outbursts are reduced and information can be processed more accurately and successfully. 

Common testimonials say that training has helped enhance learning capacity and flexibility in activities for children. Parents and teachers report children are more responsive to structure and have an overall happier demeanor. Training is useful to boost self-esteem and contribute to a calmer, more certain sense of self. These benefits prompt a decline in negative behavior and often provide a sense of relief for struggling children and parents.

Works With the Brain, Not Against It. 

Common treatments for behavior problems such as ADHD include medication, psychotherapy, or interruptive lifestyle changes. While these may help, the side effects or process can be unpleasant for the child and the family. Neurofeedback works to improve an individual’s behavior through non-invasive and relaxing training.

NeurOptimal® brain training helps empower our brains to improve their own functioning, instead of trying to cause structural changes or alterations. Training functions like a mirror, reflecting what is occurring and allowing the brain and central nervous system to improve in a way that is best for the individual. 

Neurofeedback training is used for stress management and brain strengthening, not as a targeted treatment. As people are unique and complex beings, we make no claims of “treating” any “disorder.” NeurOptimal® training is enjoyable, effortless, non-invasive, and carries no risk.

Manages Stress and Anxiety 

Our training helps with stress management and promotes a healthy lifestyle. As the brain strengthens and becomes more resilient, individuals are better equipped to combat intrusive thoughts and distractions. This allows them to become more present throughout their daily lives and have a stronger sense of internal peace. These positive benefits also work to boost confidence, which can alleviate stress stemming from daily or performance anxiety. 

Promotes Better Sleep 

The quality and quantity of sleep that an individual gets is essential for efficient cognitive functioning and behavior regulation throughout the day. With the stress of everyday obligations, however, quality sleep may not always feel possible. We always suggest that a healthy night-time routine should be implemented to let the brain know it’s time to wind down. To supplement this, NeurOptimal® training can help with sleep management so that you can start the day feeling more refreshed and present. 

Neurofeedback training may help you fall asleep easier and wake less during the night so that your quality of sleep is excellent. If your child is struggling to maintain a healthy sleep schedule, this can impair their behavior and performance at school. A lack of sleep makes it difficult for children to focus in the classroom, impacting their information processing which can lead to acting out. With neurofeedback training, they are more likely to have a successful day following a good night’s sleep. 

Relieves Parental Stress 

It can be highly stressful for parents to watch their child struggle while they try their best to help them. If your child is experiencing behavior issues, simple daily routines can be made difficult and you may begin to feel exhausted or hopeless. Parents often find themselves trying a range of treatment or behavior control options, which can be overwhelming for the parent and the child. Parents may disagree on how best to handle their children’s behavioral challenges which can put strain on their relationship.

These events can cause anxiety and stress for parents of behavior-challenged children. It comes as a great relief to parents when they begin to see their child’s behavior adjusting to become more calm, confident, and resilient. Often with neurofeedback, children transform to perform better academically and in their social lives. These benefits can work to improve their family life as the additional worries of tantrums or breakdowns fade into the past. 

Additionally, parents who participate in neurofeedback training alongside their child may experience additional relief from stress and enhanced overall wellness.

NeurOptimal® Training For Behavior Challenges 

Neurofeedback training is a relaxing, effortless, and non-invasive method for improving behavioral responses. It can be used as a tool for mental regulation, stress-management, and self-optimization to help you or a loved one reach their best self. 

Let us help you with any behavior challenges you may be facing. When a parent and child train together, NeurOptimal works not only as a tool for self-improvement, but also as a bonding journey between parent and child. Contact us to discuss how NeurOptimal® can help you.
“My daughter stopped having tantrums, its wonderful!” – B.P., Fort Worth, TX

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