Watch Our Partners at Dorna Centre Run their First NeurOptimal® Session on a Student

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Watch as Jeffrey, a staff member at Dorna Centre Home for Autism in Uganda, runs the first NeurOptimal® neurofeedback session on a student, Humphrey!

Serenity Neurofeedback has partnered with Dorna Centre to provide sessions for the staff and kids at the home. They plan to run 30 sessions on each student this semester.

For more information about our mission, their program, and the benefits of neurofeedback, please take a look at our other blog posts, Transforming Lives for Children with AutismWhy Partner with Dorna Centre in Uganda, and Introducing the Students at Dorna Centre for Autism.

If you would like to help us support these children by assisting with room, board and tuition, please join us in making a contribution at or

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