COVID-19 Update: Dorna Centre Home for Autism Needs Help with Renovations

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Friends, as you know, the pandemic has sent all the children of the Dorna Centre Home for Autism home and has put our neurofeedback program on hold. We have committed to extend the program for seven months in the hopes that all the children will still have the opportunity to experience 30 sessions of NeurOptimal®.

Some of the children are very eager to return to school. As you can see here, Elijah is sitting with his packed suitcase, ready to go – he packs his suitcase every morning hoping this will be the day he gets to go back!

New regulations for schools have placed an unexpected strain on the school as they are having to make major improvements to expand the space available for students to be separated per the new spacing mandates.

Dorothy has been working nonstop to make sure that her school will be able to accommodate all of the children returning rather than limiting enrollment and excluding anyone. The cost of expanding the schools building facilities to comply were unanticipated and not budgeted for. For this reason, I am raising the goal of this fundraiser to try to help with some of these costs.

During this time of uncertainty in the world, I realize it is not an easy time to raise money but even a small donation can make a huge difference for this school in Uganda. The total cost of bringing the additional space into compliance to accommodate all the children is 13,200,000 Ugandan Schillings (roughly $3,500 USD).

Here is the breakdown:

  1. Roof Renovation: 3,000,000 USh
  2. Iron Sheets: 1,500,000 USh
  3. Floor Renovation: 3,000,000 USh
  4. Painting: 1,200,000 USh
  5. Plastering: 1,500,000 USh
  6. Face Bricks: 1,000,000 USh
  7. Miscellaneous: 2,000,000 USh

Please consider making a donation and helping Dorothy with this necessary project at or Dorothy never stops working – she grows and sells produce during this time to help raise funds. This woman is a dynamo!

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